Power Generation


K&N repairs and remanufactures hydro generators from 6 through 600 megawatts. We specialize in rebuilding rotating poles of all sizes, all exciter components, and stator cleaning, testing, and rewinding through 50 megawatts. We also provide in field services, including rotor pole removal and reinstallation, as well as many turbine related services, including manufacturing and installation of water lubricated bearings.


  • Rotor coils, including turn insulation replacement, ground wall replacement, and lead replacement or modification
  • Rotor poles, including pole face winding replacement, reverse engineering, and manufacturing of replacement pole bodies
  • Exciter reconditioning and rebuilding
  • On site cleaning and testing
  • Rewinding, any voltage, through 50 megawatts
  • Turbine services, including water lubed bearings